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Manufacturers of Reproduction Bluestone & Sandstone Products

Use your imagination to obtain a Rustic Stone home

Have the effect of real stone at an affordable price.
Give charm and a natural effect to nearly any surface, exterior or interior.

Use your imagination to obtain a Rustic Stone home.

Looking identical to natural stone, Rustic Stone is manufactured in moulds designed to reproduce and enhance the individual character and texture of selected natural stone.

Unlike natural stone, Rustic Stone cladding is manufactured using the latest technology providing huge savings in labour and transport. This ensures a highly economic product ideal for almost all wall situations, both inside and out.

The benefits of building in Rustic Stone cladding include:

  • Increased resale value
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reduces labour cost, economical - save $$$
  • Ideal for both new buildings and old
  • No expensive footings required
  • Suitable for the home handyman or our specialist craftsmen available
  • Increased insulation
  • Low waiting periods
  • Maintenance free
  • Will not rot

A retainer wall is a structure which is specifically designed to restrain the soil to an unnatural slope or a series of slopes. These are often used to bound the soils which are at two different elevations and so are the best way to tame terrains which have undesirable slopes or in places where the landscape has to be shaped so that it is effectively engineered for purposes like roadway overpasses or hillside farming. This is why a retaining wall needs to have the durability to withstand lateral pressure of all the soil when the ground elevation changes. This requires the use of durable stones.

A block retaining wall

In most cases a block retaining wall is what most landscapes will really need in order to withstand all the pressure put on it. The same goes for a domestic retaining wall often used for landscaping purposes. However, the problem with natural rocks is that they are expensive. Plus these (natural rocks)  cannot be easily fashioned to your particular need without having them broken and shaped to the desired shape. This is of course time consuming and expensive to do but its where our retainer wall in Victoria comes in.

Our retaining wall

Regardless of if you are shaping a decorative garden or need a retaining wall to tame a landscape we have just the stones for you. At Rustic Stone we manufacture durable, beautiful and high quality stones which can be used to build strong walls. Using some of the latest machines and techniques we are able to fashion stones which are much more beautiful than their natural counterparts, a lot more durable and they are easy to work with. This makes them indispensible especially for commercial landscape artists who need to strike the right balance between aesthetics and usability. Plus our artificially manufactured retainer walls a much easier to maintain as compared to using natural blocks of stone or any other method.

If you need to put up a retainer wall in Victoria and need it to be aesthetically pleasing as well then contact Rustic Stone today by calling 03 5336 3255.